Bird Spikes

Our organization is passionately engaged in offering an exclusive array of Stainless Steel Bird Spike to the customers at very affordable rates within committed period of time.

Bird Spikes are used on buildings and structures to keep pest birds from landing and roosting. Bird spikes are effective, humane, and will not harm birds. It can be installed on Air Conditioners, Window Ledges, CCTV Cameras, Railings, Columns, Sign Boards etc.


We are engaged in offering excellent quality Bird Spikes in Pune. Bird spikes provide excellent bird proofing by making surfaces hard or unpleasant to land on, therefore preventing roosting.

A bird control spike, also known as an anti-bird spike, is a device consisting of long, needle-like rods used for bird control. They can be attached to building ledges, signs, windowsills, roof perimeters, air conditioners, support structure, awnings, poles, lights, statues, beams, trusses and building projections. The bird control spikes are used to deter birds without causing them harm or killing them.

The spikes are designed to protect very narrow ledges or to be used to protect the leading edge of a much wider surface. These spikes are used for building protection and are almost invisible when installed.

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